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Steeva - Electronic invoicing in cloud

steeva is the cloud solution
that simplifies your
document management

Steeva: not only electronic invoicing …

Thanks to Steeva you can issue and receive electronic invoices and manage the procedure: import them from XML files, extract one of them or more, know the outcome after the sending, directly send electronic invoices issued by the module “Conservazione Sostitutiva” (replacement storage).

Steeva saves your documents in digital format according to current Italian regulations, making them accessible and consultable in a simple and immediate way both on your laptop and on your smartphone and tablet. Choose what you want to keep digital: invoices, VAT register, journal, electronic invoices, or other types of document …

Manage your administration from a single portal, that allows you to keep always under control incoming and outcoming invoices, credit notes, first note and transport documents. Through the designated module, you can collect, organize, index, scan your documents and find all of them on the cloud “Steeva”

What are Steeva’s advantages?

Digitalization will allow you to save time, space, and energy, improving efficiency, finding what you need immediately, and communicating with your customers rapidly. You will be totally in agreement with updated legislation about Conservazione Sostitutiva and you will be able to enjoy electronic invoicing with a simple, but operational system!

Moreover, using a cloud software has many advantages:

  • simple use thanks to instant data synchronization
  • real time cost and income control from any device
  • guaranteed operativity always and everywhere through a simple Internet connection
  • simplification of electronic invoicing procedures
  • efficiency through accounting documents’ dematerialization and replacement storage on cloud.

Do you already use an ERP in your company and would like to move all your files on Steeva? Steeva is perfectly integrable with the system you are already using!